Land of Sharks and the VW Atlas: Marvels of All Ages


Long before the Volkswagen Atlas perused Arizona roads, something much, much bigger did—Ptychodus. To discover more about this powerful ancient monster, Volkswagen and Discovery Channel sent the Gould family of five on a nation-wide trip during Shark Week, an adventure featured on Land of Sharks. 


Embarking in the seven-seater 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, the shark fanatic family set out to learn more about their favorite aquatic animal. In New Mexico’s Western Interior Seaway, the Atlas kept the family cool and collected as they scavenged with Dr. Corrinne Myers, a paleobiographer working with the University of New Mexico. Though it’s dry and arid now, the area had been submerged by an ancient ocean millions of years ago. Within the sands, they discovered a fossilized shark tooth from the massive Ptychodus. The Goulds headed back to the Atlas to their next stop where they’d find out what made Ptychodus tick!


The Goulds’ Atlas drove them faithfully to Florida, where they met with an esteemed marine biology professor, Dr. Charles G. Messing of the Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Messing shed light on the fossilized Ptychodus tooth; the shark didn’t tear or rip their prey. Instead, they crushed them with their sturdy teeth. Not one to be out-intimidated by rival predators, the Ptychodus has a record length of 30 feet and could travel at top speeds of 30 miles per hour in the water. However, the Goulds felt perfectly safe within the confines of their trusty Atlas.


The final leg of the Goulds’ Shark Week journey was the highlight of the trip; they got to dive with sharks! Luke Tripple, a marine biologist, guided the five shark enthusiasts as they climbed into the cage to observe their favorite predators up close. They witnessed the Ptychodus’ descendants—tiger, lemon, bull, and reef sharks—in what was undoubtedly the wildest adventure of their lives!


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