A Look at How Your Favorite Volkswagen Models Are Made

​Every Volkswagen is a gem carefully crafted to suit the needs of our beloved customers. The process to create such an exquisite vehicle is precise and personalized. Each model begins as a sketch, meticulously drawn to capture the essence of the future car. 


Following its paper draft, the car is mechanically molded out of clay to further envision its potential style and capabilities. The molds used are specially designed to outline the car’s details and tools needed for completion. While the style of the car is being fine-tuned, the materials, tools, and technology necessary to complete the vehicle are scrupulously tested and pressed to ensure top performance and quality. 


After everything is approved, the car then heads to production. Volkswagen technology ensures a standard quality as robots carefully assemble the body and engines of each car. When they’ve been assembled, the cars are painted with both a clear coat and a hue, with actual people making the final paint touch-ups. Specialized Volkswagen technicians oversee the final assembly and quality checks of each car, guaranteeing a personal, human touch for their customers that isn’t found with competing brands. After the completion of these steps, the Volkswagen car is ready to be driven—that’s where you come in!


One of the best aspects of the Volkswagen production process is that actual people take a significant role in creating each vehicle. The cars are specifically designed and completed to order so that they fit customers’ needs like a finely-crafted glove. Because of their dedication and desire to create vehicles specific to their customers’ needs, Volkswagen is a brand that we’re proud to represent. Our inventory is diverse and reflects the needs of our customers. Stop by our dealership at 10205 W. Papago Freeway in Avondale to closely examine our inventory. Our highly-trained sales team can help you decide which carefully-crafted Volkswagen model will best suit your needs. Make sure you get a look at our monthly specials—they’ll help you get your dream car sooner rather than later.

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